Plumbing & Heating Manufacturers


2013 AS Logo (Yellow) Toilets
Bath Tubs
 sharkbite SharkBite® Push-in brass plumbing fittings
SharkBite® brass PEX barb fittings
PEX tubing
Temperature and pressure valves
Pressure regulators
Crimping and cutting tools


Water pumps
Sump pumps
Sewage pumps
Utility pumps
Lux PVC sewer pipe and fittings
DWV pipe and fittings
CPVC potable water pipe and fittings
Lux Residential and commercial wall thermostats
Programmable wall thermostats
Replacement range parts and accessories
Mechanical kitchen timers
DuraPlus Wood Burning Chimney
DVL® Double-Wall Stove Pipe
DuraBlack® Single-Wall Stove Pipe
PelletVent® Pellet Burning Appliances
Type B Gas Vent
DuraFlex® Aluminum
Unit Heater Kit
American Metal
Registers and grilles
Decorative registersType “B” Gas Vent
SSII Stainless Steel Chimney Systems
DS Smoke Pipe
SG Plus Chimney
Type “L” Vent for Pellet Stoves
SWII Chimney Liner
SWC Flexible Gas Vent
AirMate Registers, Grilles and Diffusers