Lawn & Garden Manufacturers


ceramo Glazed outdoor pottery
German terra cotta pots
Cast iron pottery
hiatt More Birds™
Stokes Bird Feeders
Garden accessories
High quality resin statuary and fountains
Garden Gallery bronze statuary
growtech Professional quality garden hand tools
Triple edged pull-cut hand saws and blades
Professional loppers and long-reach pruners
Professional pruners and scissors



Cast stone statuary
Resin statuary
Bronze statuaryDecorative Brass Statuary
Decorative Brass Fountain Accessories
lakevalley Retail packet garden seeds
Organic garden seeds
Pagano seeds imported from Italy
neptunesharvest Organic pest control products
Organic plant foods
Protective Industrial Products
Mud® Gloves
West County Gardener® Gloves
Brahma® Gloves
raindrip-logobar Most complete packaged line for drip irrigation
Bulk drip irrigation parts and accessories
Drip Irrigation kits for all types of use
renee Boutique packet organic seeds
Scatter can seeds
Cornucopia brand seeds
apex Complete line of retail garden hoses
Commercial rubber and rubber-vinyl hoses
Specialty hoses and accessories
twistlogo3 Paper Twist ties
Plastic Twistems
Vine supports